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The top 10 2014 released films by worldwide gross are as follows:[1]

Highest-grossing films of 2012
Rank Title Studio Worldwide gross
1 The Beast at Dawn Bloodie $1,066,979,000
2 Castro Powers: Beyond Darkness Bloodie $963,345,456
3 Dreamy: Invasion Dreamy $783,456,309
4 The Great Outdoors Cloners $690,345,450
5 The Center of Lies Beasty $654,354,397
6 Survival Weirdie $651,455,440
7 The Doctor of Roldan Weirdie $650,453,399
8 Holy Cloners $648,912,963
9 The Great Lord: Resurrection Cloners $648,456,559
10 The Tales of Romerius: The Great Escape Brillie $610,465,490

Two 2012 film passed the Billion Dollar Mark, witch is The Beast At Dawn, it grossed $1.039 Billion, is the [9th Highest Grossing Film of All-Time] and 5th film to pass the $1 Billion Mark. Cloners: Episode II- A New World grossed $1.028 Billion is the 12th film to pass the $1 Billion Mark, and the 12th Highest grossing film of all time. Brillie, grossed $510 Million, and then got a Re-Release, and got an extra $99,831,474. Saving Brooklyn is the only Blood Brothers movie to be PG.

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