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Grinnie Year-2014


Case- #34

Team-Not Known


Rating- PG-13

Distributed by-???


Series Movies-Spy-iee

Story by-Lercy

Movie by-James Bond


Still Relevant?- Yes


Andy Lettermen got bullied at school when he was 10, but now at 25,he is working as a spy for the CIA, and then, there their is Jason Delmont, was poor as a child, hated his life, now at 25, also working in the CIA as a spy

Spy, and last, there is Damon Serentiz, his parents were killed in a car-crash, he grew up with his mean Aunt Charlene, he hated his life, at 25 also works in the CIA as a spy. Someone has been blackmailing the president, its someone from the CIA because they know stuff about the president, the Secrete service put up a party to see if a message will get delivered, it did, those three weren't there, and the service was watching everyone there, they investigated those two, and tried to find out who it really is, Andy, Jason, or Damon.


-Spy-iee was originaly named Deactivate, but it was changed because the MP (Mystery Person) was a spy.

-Watchy made an appearance in "Spy-iee"

-Watchy was set for a 2015 release, but was moved up.