Certain things should never be disturbed. So believes famed arctic explorer Hans Pennywise (Jonathan Steel), but Billionaire Heiress Susan O'Dannyboy (Min Erka) pays him a heap of money to take her to the arctic circle to investigate rumors of the discovery of a frozen Giant Polar Bear, Hans puts aside his doubts and journeys north. Soon they find the frozen monster, fifteen feet high, with fangs and claws a foot long. This was a creature not meant for this earth. Naturally, O'Dannyboy's men, led by dynamic game hunter Buck Shmarma (Steven Steel) thaw the beast out. Then the killing begins. Now Pennywise and his crew try to navigate the ice field to the safety of the open water while the largest, most violent polar bear leaps from ice floe to ice floe, hunting them down and killing them one by one? Will they make it to safety? Or will their limbs be torn from their bodies and their skulls clawed open? Find out in the amazingly gory new film, Smiley: The First Adventure!