After being put In an Ice Castle for 3 years for-ever, Burnie wanted to take the world of Ice and turn it to his own fire-world, but even Frozen for eternity, Freezie would not let that happen - there lived a curvaceous, idyllic Ice-Man named Steven Thunder. Not a Frozen Cold, Ice Emporer, filled with Villans and a Fire smell, nor yet a Burned, Freezing, Power Ice Castle with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Frozen-Ice Castle, and that means Shelter, but Freezie was put there after the events in "The Frozen Shadow".

One day, after a troubling visit from the sprite Hannah Ball, Steven learns what Burnie is planning to do, he leaves his Ice Castle and sets out in search of Burnie for his return as The Frozen Shadow. A quest undertaken in the company of The, Frozen and violent Shadow.

In the search for the City of where he used to live, Steven Thunder surprises even himself with his leadership and skill as a psychiatrist, when he returns.

During his travels, Steven rescues a Shadow, an heirloom belonging to Hannah. But when Hannah refuses to try walking, their friendship is over.

However, Hannah is wounded at the Battle of The Frozen Shadow and the two reconcile just before Steven engages in some serious walking.

Steven accepts one of the three Shadow and returns home to his Ice Castle a very wealthy Ice man, but still needing to stop Burnie, he returns again and Battles Burnie.